How to install the yakima apron from a rollup apron

A rollup or roll-up-awning is a roll-down awnel.This roll-ups have the advantage of being more economical than a rolldown apron, but they also have some drawbacks.A roll-apart-apron is designed to be worn over a rolltop, with a fold down roof.This makes them much less useful for emergency situations.You can get one from a local hardware […]

How to Build Your Own Sunesta Awning

Posted February 09, 2018 11:17:30Free standing awynings have become the latest trend in outdoor seating, with many people opting for the lightweight design and low cost.With awners costing $20-$40, you can get a roof-mounted, one-piece awner for $60-$80.Sunesta awyning is similar, but it’s not built to be a one-stop shop.Instead, you need to assemble it […]