Awnings are for sale for a cool $500 a piece

Updated June 10, 2019 10:52:36Awnings have become the new everyday items on the block for a new generation of homeowners.And with their durability and affordability, they’re being embraced by a new breed of buyers.Awning prices have gone up in the past year or so, especially on high-end models, with some brands selling for as much […]

‘The Biggest Mistake’: Retractable Awnings Cost $10,000

The big question is, can these retractable aero-retracting roof tops be built for $10k?The answer is yes.But they aren’t cheap.Here’s why.Aero-Retractable Roof Top Aero retractors are built from a thin, flexible fabric with a retractable base.They’re called aero retractor or AER because they use aero to push the roof up.The AER base has a high, […]