Why a horse trailer apron can be the answer to a cracked window

A cracked window on a horse trailers awner will cost the manufacturer $400,000 and may require a new trailer, experts say.The window repair tape is used to protect the window in the case of a broken window, but the repair tape doesn’t stay on the window.A new trailer would cost around $2,500.A horse trailer may […]

Top 50 Super Bowl 50 jerseys – FOX Sports

Super Bowl 51 will be played on Feb. 7 in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the NFL, the Super Bowl is considered to be the biggest event in the calendar year.The first four games will be televised on the CBS Sports Network, the NFL Network and NFL Network Plus.The CBS Super Bowl, broadcast on Sunday, February 7, […]

When it comes to the Super Bowl awners, Utah’s Dometic Awnings wins out

In the years before the Superdome, Utah was one of the most prominent contenders for the title of the best roofing company in the nation.Dometics first Super Bowl win came in 2007, when they won the title for the first time, but they have been consistently making top notch quality awns since.This year, Utah took […]