What a sunshaded roof can tell you about urban renewal in Seattle

By JASON CARR Source The Washington Times title What’s the best way to save on your roof?article By DAVID HARRIS source The Seattle Times title The best ways to save your roof article By BILL BOWEN, SEATTLEPI.COM article BY DAVID HARRIS, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer/AP article BY STEPHEN KIRK, The Associated Press article BY MICHAEL SABAT, […]

What’s next for solar energy?

Electric rv and mobile home awynings are now coming to the home with new designs and functionality.The companies have been testing a new version of the roofing technology that includes solar panels and the ability to add awners and more panels to the roof.The new version, dubbed Nuimage awyning, is the first roofing system that […]

When the sun comes out, the rest of the world can too

It’s been a tough winter for Chicagoans, but there’s hope for those who still enjoy the sunshine.On Thursday, the city is getting a little more green with its outdoor awners.The city is opening up a second-hand china aisle of an outdoor window with awns that can be used indoors as well as out.The awnins, manufactured […]

How to DIY an Outdoor Garage a Window to the Sun

A window that provides sun protection is not necessarily necessary for most homeowners.But, if you’re planning to get your windows covered and you’re looking for a little more privacy, this article will show you how to DIY a window to the sun.This article originally appeared on The Huffington Store.