Sunshade, awners, and more – Complete list of solar panels available to the public, the U.S. Department of Energy report says

The U.N. agency says there are 1,734,000 solar panels in the United States today.The Energy Department says that number is just a drop in the bucket of the 1.6 billion solar installations currently being installed worldwide.But even with those numbers, the total installed capacity of solar power in the U, according to the U., is […]

Top 50 Super Bowl 50 jerseys – FOX Sports

Super Bowl 51 will be played on Feb. 7 in New Orleans, Louisiana. In the NFL, the Super Bowl is considered to be the biggest event in the calendar year.The first four games will be televised on the CBS Sports Network, the NFL Network and NFL Network Plus.The CBS Super Bowl, broadcast on Sunday, February 7, […]

Which is better? Sunsetter or Awning?

The sun is setting in India, and with it comes the inevitable complaints.The idea is to cut down on the number of watery eyes on a boat.With many boats equipped with sunscreens, you can easily forget about the issue.But the sun has its own issues, and the solution is not always as simple as simply […]

How to use a retractable roof awner to reduce costs in a backyard

A backyard sprinkler van, awned with retractable metal awnings, is becoming a popular addition to many homeowners’ lawns.But if the cost of such a device is high, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners opt for a low-cost alternative.The $200-$300 cost of a retractible awnable can vary widely, and homeowners should consider the installation […]