Which are the most popular retractable walkie-talkies and what do they do?

4Runner awnings are widely used in commercial and residential environments, but the term awner is also used in homes for various reasons.Awnings can be used to create a breeze, or provide shade, as well as to provide an indoor or outdoor space.A large majority of people use them for both indoor and outdoor spaces, but […]

How to find the best electric awners

Awning roofing can save you money, improve airflow and protect your windows from rain and dust, but it can also be a source of nuisance.We’ve rounded up the best of the best.Read more Awners can be a nuisance, especially when installed above a swimming pool, but they can be good for your home if they’re […]

How to build a smittybilt deck awner

Awners have become popular in the past decade, with different styles being created for different situations.But one of the most interesting designs comes from a Danish designer.In 2010, the Danish architect Dan Stokstad began designing the Smittybilt Deck awners, which are made from a series of steel frame and plastic deck anchors.The idea behind them […]