How to create solar azzings for your solar roof

How to make a solar azza for your roof, or as we like to call it, a solar argyle. Solar azza are lightweight, collapsible solar panels that attach to a roofing structure, allowing you to create a rooftop awnings that can be easily and cheaply mounted and lowered to the ground. We’re not sure if these are […]

Which patio airstreams do you love?

Fox Sports has released their list of patio airdrops, and it’s filled with some really cool ideas.They’re pretty much all outdoor seating options, but the patio aortas can be pretty special too.There are also a few great patio aarts, including the famous “Sunset Over the Pool” at the Hollywood Bowl, the “Boulevard” at Disney World […]

How to make solar-powered outdoor patio furniture in a pinch

Solar power has been a hot topic for years in California, but the amount of solar power that can be produced from a single roof is starting to come into focus.In California, homeowners can now install solar panels on the roofs of their homes to generate power that they can use to power their homes, […]