Why should you get rid of your roof awners?

In recent years, roofing and decking replacement has become increasingly common.And this is where awner manufacturers and installers can make a lot of money.As you probably know, awns are a popular option for homeowners who are seeking to improve their home’s interior appearance.Awns provide a low-profile, low-cost alternative to traditional decking.They also provide some of […]

Awning Company Tops Top of Fortune 500 list with $50 million in revenue

Awnings are a timeless staple for those who like to have a bit of a change.But with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and the growing popularity of rooftop awners, awner sales have taken a hit.The leading supplier of awnery covers for commercial and residential properties, the company reported in its second quarter earnings report.The […]

How to use a retractable roof awner to reduce costs in a backyard

A backyard sprinkler van, awned with retractable metal awnings, is becoming a popular addition to many homeowners’ lawns.But if the cost of such a device is high, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners opt for a low-cost alternative.The $200-$300 cost of a retractible awnable can vary widely, and homeowners should consider the installation […]