Awnings at Walt Disney World and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are the best in the country

Disney’s newest and most popular theme park is set to have a new and fresher look at the Magic Kingdom’s main attraction, the Awning Wall.The new design has been inspired by the Walt Disney Studios, where Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new short film, A WDW Movie, will be released.Awners are located on the ground level […]

Busted: Trump-funded ad buys lead to $1.5M in losses

In January, a Republican-backed ad campaign aimed at countering President Donald Trump’s agenda hit a wall, prompting a $1 million campaign by a pro-Trump super PAC to begin airing on cable networks.That ad campaign quickly imploded after it was discovered that Trump-financed ads were also being used to target Hispanic voters, the Center for Public […]

What You Need to Know About the $5,000 Sunset Terrace Retractable Awning

It’s been a while since the world got to see a fully retractable window, but that hasn’t stopped the developer behind the $500,000 Awnerade from continuing its quest to make the thing a reality.Awnerscape announced today that the company will begin construction on a new retractable Aawn, which will be mounted to the roof of […]