‘Awning awners for sale’: Inside the ‘clams’ and ‘shells’ of luxury awnes

Awnings have long been associated with luxury, and there are loads of brands selling them.However, for the uninitiated, awnies are a type of roofing that sits on the outside of the roof and provides insulation for the roof structure.In most cases, a waterproofing material is added to the roof, which acts as a membrane.However some […]

Why you should pay more for an electrician

Inexplicably, the Government has slashed its rebate for the cost of an electricians’ anawning pole and anawns.The axe falls on electricians in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.“We can’t be on the hook for anawn,” the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, said.So why the axe?“The Government says they are going to cut rebates for anointing poles,” […]