How to fix awnings for better fire safety

Awnings are an important part of fire safety.They protect the structural integrity of buildings and provide an effective barrier against the wind and fire.They are an essential part of the building’s structural integrity.However, building engineers are concerned about the potential for awns to collapse under the load of a fire.How to design and construct awnes […]

What you need to know about low-cost awners

Awning designs are not a new concept.They’re already ubiquitous on the market, from retro-inspired wooden and glass homes to modern homes built from recycled materials.And now, they’re also getting a lot of attention.Some designers are making a splash with their designs, with some even calling them their next big thing.But while awnling design is getting […]

Next Big Futurist

The Next Big thing is coming.The future is about to be realized, with new technologies and applications being developed for everything from smartwatches to cars to drones.While we may be in the process of building a billion-dollar tech industry, there’s still a lot we don’t know.In this article, Next BigFuture is highlighting some of the […]