How to make your own arb and balcony from reclaimed materials

Balcony and awnings can be difficult to create because of the difficulty in finding materials.However, a few different materials can be used.One of the most commonly used materials is reclaimed wood from reclaimed sites.This wood is a high quality natural material that will not rust, and will last for decades without any damage.However there are […]

Why an automatic awner is a bad idea

Awnings have been around for decades, but the industry is starting to see an uptick in popularity.We talked to an executive at a major building contractor about the potential of an automatic one.“You can’t put a roof in the wrong place,” the executive said.“It’s just a matter of placement.I mean, it’s just not that big […]

Awning repair shop to close in Sydney

Awnings are now being repaired, not dismantled, and they’re becoming a fixture in many homes in Sydney.Awnings repair shops are set to close.Photo: ABC NewsAwning News Awnery owner, Paul Renton, says he’s not worried about the jobs being lost to online bidding, but he’s concerned about the loss of a popular, local service.“It’s just […]