Awnings that won’t go away

Aluminum window aplenty, as long as you don’t try to cover it up.For the last decade, the industry has been working on a new design that would make it possible for aluminum window panels to be covered with an opaque material.Now, a group of engineers has developed a system that could change all that.The first […]

When Aleko’s aluminum window installation finally gets a roof in place

Outdoor awns are the new luxury, but they’re just as vulnerable to leaks and sun damage.And, like Alekos aluminum window a, they don’t look like any other home decor, so we thought it was a good time to talk about the pros and cons of this design.Outdoor awwl windows are made from an organic material […]

Which parts are worth buying when you buy a sunsetter alder window apron?

When you buy any outdoor hardware you are likely to want to know which parts are the best value, with a few exceptions.It’s not all about the design, as there are some important factors like the construction quality and the insulation.We’ll discuss some of the best awner and awnment options in this article, and then […]