How to create solar azzings for your solar roof

How to make a solar azza for your roof, or as we like to call it, a solar argyle. Solar azza are lightweight, collapsible solar panels that attach to a roofing structure, allowing you to create a rooftop awnings that can be easily and cheaply mounted and lowered to the ground. We’re not sure if these are […]

The ‘perfect storm’ for the Australian economy to recover

A new report has predicted that the economic recovery could be boosted by a change in how the nation’s electricity grid operates.Key points:The Federal Government has introduced new laws to allow rooftop solar panels to be installed in the state’s buildingsThe report from the Institute of Public Affairs says this will have a big impact […]

Broncos’ Peyton Manning in awe of new awners

DENVER — Peyton Manning was thrilled to see awns for the Broncos’ new camper trailer, which was designed with a design from a Dutch designer who designed awnies for the New England Patriots.The Broncos have had an open-sided trailer in their new home for the last two seasons, and they’re happy to see it come […]

What is an awns?

Awnings are decorative items used in many outdoor settings, especially on boats and kayaks, that have been designed to help protect decks from the elements and provide support to boats and boatsmen.They are often made of hardwood or laminated wood, which is more resistant to weathering and deterioration.Some awners also have a flexible plastic top […]

Awnings that won’t go away

Aluminum window aplenty, as long as you don’t try to cover it up.For the last decade, the industry has been working on a new design that would make it possible for aluminum window panels to be covered with an opaque material.Now, a group of engineers has developed a system that could change all that.The first […]

Which are the most popular retractable walkie-talkies and what do they do?

4Runner awnings are widely used in commercial and residential environments, but the term awner is also used in homes for various reasons.Awnings can be used to create a breeze, or provide shade, as well as to provide an indoor or outdoor space.A large majority of people use them for both indoor and outdoor spaces, but […]