How to Survive a Sunchaser Awning

IGN: How to Stay Alive after a SUNCHASTER AWEING (Video)By Chris McCumberPublished September 30, 2018 02:01:40Sunchaser, the most famous Sunchasher, is one of the more common Sunchasers around.He’s the one with the large head and the dark, stubby nose.He carries a huge knife, but it’s also the only thing keeping him alive.The others have died.He […]

Ford Focus S to make $40,000 in U.S. and Canada, with some of that in North America

Ford has said it plans to sell more than 10,000 Focus S sedans in the U.K. in 2017, the first car from the automaker’s new compact crossover.That’s up from more than 5,000 Ford Focus vehicles already on the market, including some of the company’s pricier models, including the F-150 pickup and the FWD Titan.Ford said […]

‘Tough to say goodbye’: Abandoned camper sheds at Walsall train station are to be restored

The Walsalston train station, on the outskirts of Walsale, is one of the oldest stations in the UK, and was originally the home of the locomotive which powered the Underground.But the original buildings have been boarded up for decades. The station was built in 1892 and opened in 1910. In 2012, the station reopened as a caravan […]

How to make awns for your truck camper

When you are looking to upgrade your cabin, you can’t get too caught up in how to make your own cabin screen.There are countless different types of screen out there, and the best ones are made of wood and can be built to your exact specifications.The screen you choose depends on the size and type […]

What’s the deal with rv anchors repair

Awnings are a common element of the modern day home renovation.If you have a rv roof or other building that doesn’t have a roof and you want to repair it, you’ll need to repair an exterior panel.You’ll want to be able to see the damage.And you may want to do this with a roof repairman […]

When rhinos are not at their best, they’re still deadly

The Australian public was reminded of that fact last week when a rhino, a species once considered extinct, was discovered to be alive and well on the Australian mainland.Now, after a week of intense lobbying, the government is expected to pass legislation allowing the reintroduction of rhino horns into Australia.In an interview with The Australian […]