How to make a porch apron

Awnings are a classic DIY project for a new homeowner, but what about the other things that you can use to decorate your house?Here’s a list of ideas to get you started.1.Awning fabricThe most obvious way to get awnings up is to use a fabric that is easy to cut and cut large sections to […]

Jeep Wrangler awns on awnings for people with disabilities

Awnings are the most basic of shelter structures, but there are a few that can be made for people who have a disability.They’re often made from an iron or wood frame and are generally more expensive than more traditional methods.Awning manufacturer Jeep has released a set of collapsible awners, and they’re designed for people whose […]

What a sunshaded roof can tell you about urban renewal in Seattle

By JASON CARR Source The Washington Times title What’s the best way to save on your roof?article By DAVID HARRIS source The Seattle Times title The best ways to save your roof article By BILL BOWEN, SEATTLEPI.COM article BY DAVID HARRIS, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer/AP article BY STEPHEN KIRK, The Associated Press article BY MICHAEL SABAT, […]

‘The world will know what it’s been through’: The people who died in a plane crash

A plane crashed in India on Saturday, killing at least 50 people and injuring more than 300 more, Indian officials said, and a massive search operation was under way to recover survivors.The crash of the Bengaluru-bound Air India flight into the Indian city of Bengaluru on Saturday morning killed at least 46 people and injured […]

Which brand of roofing should you use to keep your camper clean?

The first thing you need to know is which brand of fabric to use to protect your camps roof.Most home builders use one fabric type to cover the roofing, but you’ll also need to consider how many square feet of roof space you’re building.The first factor to consider is whether you need extra space for […]

When will we know whether the “bargain bin” that Donald Trump promised in his campaign is a real deal?

The Trump campaign announced this week that it is closing a real estate deal to buy a vacant lot in Palm Beach, Florida, the Trump Motorhome alder.According to the Palm Beach Post, the “deal is valued at $300,000, a sum that includes an $11,500 down payment on a $1.8 million home that has been the […]