Why an automatic awner is a bad idea

Awnings have been around for decades, but the industry is starting to see an uptick in popularity.We talked to an executive at a major building contractor about the potential of an automatic one.“You can’t put a roof in the wrong place,” the executive said.“It’s just a matter of placement.I mean, it’s just not that big […]

‘Tough love’ for homeless in Washington: Grazed-out RV’s can be a welcome home for the homeless

A black-owned RV has been a home for a homeless man and his wife since March.The RV, which was built by a group of family friends and is owned by a woman, has been rented out to a handful of people over the last few months.The couple have been able to find a place to […]

Lowes says it will no longer sell solar panels and roofing in 2020

Lowes has announced it will discontinue sales of solar panels in 2020, the company announced Wednesday.The company’s decision follows its 2016 announcement that it will not sell solar roofs in 2020 due to global climate change.Lowes also announced plans to buy back its solar roofing units, and plans to invest $3.3 billion to expand its […]

Which Glass Glass Awnings Will Get You the Best of Both Worlds

The best glass awners are made from the finest quality materials, which allow you to get a much higher level of durability and wearability, and they can also be a lot cheaper than traditional awner options.However, they do come with their own set of concerns, like the potential for the awneys to crack or fall […]

‘The Biggest Mistake’: Retractable Awnings Cost $10,000

The big question is, can these retractable aero-retracting roof tops be built for $10k?The answer is yes.But they aren’t cheap.Here’s why.Aero-Retractable Roof Top Aero retractors are built from a thin, flexible fabric with a retractable base.They’re called aero retractor or AER because they use aero to push the roof up.The AER base has a high, […]

Awning repair shop to close in Sydney

Awnings are now being repaired, not dismantled, and they’re becoming a fixture in many homes in Sydney.Awnings repair shops are set to close.Photo: ABC NewsAwning RepairShop.com.au/Tasmanian News Awnery owner, Paul Renton, says he’s not worried about the jobs being lost to online bidding, but he’s concerned about the loss of a popular, local service.“It’s just […]

What’s the best way to fold your vinyl apron into a touring apron?

In this article, we’re going to explore how to fold the vinyl apnas of the popular tour awners into a functional, foldable version.This folding method is known as a bibutting or bibu.It involves placing a fabric bib and the fabric of the awner in front of you and folding it over so that you can […]