Awnings at Walt Disney World and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are the best in the country

Disney’s newest and most popular theme park is set to have a new and fresher look at the Magic Kingdom’s main attraction, the Awning Wall.The new design has been inspired by the Walt Disney Studios, where Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new short film, A WDW Movie, will be released.Awners are located on the ground level […]

Awnings are for sale for a cool $500 a piece

Updated June 10, 2019 10:52:36Awnings have become the new everyday items on the block for a new generation of homeowners.And with their durability and affordability, they’re being embraced by a new breed of buyers.Awning prices have gone up in the past year or so, especially on high-end models, with some brands selling for as much […]

How to make your own arb and balcony from reclaimed materials

Balcony and awnings can be difficult to create because of the difficulty in finding materials.However, a few different materials can be used.One of the most commonly used materials is reclaimed wood from reclaimed sites.This wood is a high quality natural material that will not rust, and will last for decades without any damage.However there are […]