Man who climbed ‘Suv’ to safety has been rescued

A man has climbed the stairs of a hotel to safety after jumping from the fourth floor of a van on the top floor of an apartment building in Dublin.

Key points:The man was taken to hospital after being rescued on the roof of a building in the town of Leitrim on SaturdayThe man climbed the fourth-floor balcony of a luxury apartment building to escape the building he was trapped inIt was the second time this week a man has been trapped in a building he climbed to safety fromA man from Dublin jumped from the roof to safety on Saturday, escaping from a building on the fourth and final floor of the building, police said.

The man, who was trapped on the third floor of that building, climbed the roof on Saturday morning to escape.

The incident happened at 9:20am on Saturday.

A witness said that a man in his 20s or 30s was in the balcony of the hotel on the ground floor of Leith Street, where the building is located.

He was trying to get out when he fell.

The Irish Independent has contacted the police for comment.

The hotel on which the man was trapped has a total of six floors.

There is a balcony in the hotel, and the building has an additional one at the front of the property.

The building was closed to traffic at the time of the incident.

The balcony is not connected to the ground level of the apartment building.

The fourth floor is open to the public and is accessible via lifts, but is locked to keep people out.

Police said the man is a resident of the apartments, but did not give any details of the man’s address.

It is not clear what he was doing in the building.