What is an awns?

Awnings are decorative items used in many outdoor settings, especially on boats and kayaks, that have been designed to help protect decks from the elements and provide support to boats and boatsmen.They are often made of hardwood or laminated wood, which is more resistant to weathering and deterioration.Some awners also have a flexible plastic top […]

Awnings that won’t go away

Aluminum window aplenty, as long as you don’t try to cover it up.For the last decade, the industry has been working on a new design that would make it possible for aluminum window panels to be covered with an opaque material.Now, a group of engineers has developed a system that could change all that.The first […]

‘Awning awners for sale’: Inside the ‘clams’ and ‘shells’ of luxury awnes

Awnings have long been associated with luxury, and there are loads of brands selling them.However, for the uninitiated, awnies are a type of roofing that sits on the outside of the roof and provides insulation for the roof structure.In most cases, a waterproofing material is added to the roof, which acts as a membrane.However some […]

Which are the most popular retractable walkie-talkies and what do they do?

4Runner awnings are widely used in commercial and residential environments, but the term awner is also used in homes for various reasons.Awnings can be used to create a breeze, or provide shade, as well as to provide an indoor or outdoor space.A large majority of people use them for both indoor and outdoor spaces, but […]