Updated January 28, 2019 11:56:30 Updated January 28 and 25, 2019 16:53:49 The last house in the Diy Deck Awning is getting its own remodel.

The home was renovated by a local developer to the specifications of the owner.

This past Sunday, the house was removed from its home and turned into a shed.

This was a total remodel and the remodel was complete before the house even came up for sale.

The house had a lot of issues.

The roof was a little loose and a little tight.

There were a few water leaks in the attic, which made the ceiling feel a little low.

I have a few photos of the house and the house before and after the remodeling.

The house was never used for anything but for a summer camp for the kids, so it was a lot more than just a shed, it was just an outdoor playroom.

I was glad to see it come back to life because it was the first time I had been home with the kids in the house.

The other issue was the stairs.

The roof and stairs were in the way of the driveway.

The owners had to replace the roof because it didn’t sit on top of the stairs, which I understand would be an issue for anyone, but for someone who is new to the neighborhood, it seemed like a lot to do.

The owners were able to get the roof replaced in about six weeks.

The new roof and stair stairs are going to be installed in the spring.

The owner says they did a lot with the house but it is still a work in progress.

She has a few more remodels in the works.

I can’t wait to see what the new house can look like.