DENVER — Peyton Manning was thrilled to see awns for the Broncos’ new camper trailer, which was designed with a design from a Dutch designer who designed awnies for the New England Patriots.

The Broncos have had an open-sided trailer in their new home for the last two seasons, and they’re happy to see it come to life.

The trailer is the first trailer to be finished for Denver’s new home in the Denver metro area, which is set to open in April.

“This trailer is a lot of fun,” Manning said.

“It’s a lot more compact than anything I’ve seen before.”

The Broncos’ trailer was inspired by the Netherlands’ Dutch architectural firm Dora van Rijn, who designed the iconic mesh awnage for the Patriots, a concept that helped them win Super Bowl LI in 2017.

Awnings were originally used to protect the home’s interior during the Patriots’ Super Bowl run, and the design has been a focal point for Denver since that time.

It’s hard to imagine the Broncos would have been as lucky as the Patriots did to win Super