Aluminum window aplenty, as long as you don’t try to cover it up.

For the last decade, the industry has been working on a new design that would make it possible for aluminum window panels to be covered with an opaque material.

Now, a group of engineers has developed a system that could change all that.

The first iteration of the new material, which they call MDF, was developed in 2012 by the Chinese company Pannacom and the American company Nippon Columbia, which together manufacture the window frames used in many homes and commercial buildings.

But in 2015, the two companies, with help from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, began working on what they called the “first version of a more robust, durable and lightweight MDF window cover that will be more resilient and easier to use than previous versions.”

The first version of MDF uses a “copper alloy layer that can withstand temperature extremes up to 400 degrees Celsius,” according to the press release.

This makes it easier to manufacture and maintain than aluminum window frames, which are typically made of metal and plastic.

It also allows for a much longer lifespan.

“The window frame is an incredibly fragile material, so it’s important that you can take it out when the weather gets really cold,” said the release.

“The new material is designed to hold up to an extremely low temperature for years and decades, even if it does get scratched up.”

For the first time, the new materials will also allow the window frame to be easily cleaned.

“By removing the metal layer and exposing the copper alloy layer, the glass can be cleaned and replaced with a fresh coat of paint and then the window can be painted back to its original finish,” the release said.

This is called a “resilient paint,” and the new coating has a similar chemical composition to the old aluminum coating.

It is unclear if the new MDF will ever be used on commercial windows, but it is hoped that it will be a boon for homeowners, who may have trouble getting their home windows fixed.

According to the U., the new window frame “would provide a much stronger alternative to traditional window coating materials, as well as providing a means to insulate the window.”

According to the release, “this material could be used in the following ways: “In the most extreme conditions, a MDF layer can be applied to all or part of the surface of the window, thereby eliminating the need for window glass removal; “In some circumstances, the window is partially or fully covered with the material, and in this case, the layer is not removed, but the window remains structurally sound; “The MDF material would also be able to provide a surface layer for a window that is also flexible and flexible on its own, providing a surface for the window to be removed when weather conditions are very cold.”MDF is also promising to have less glass, and the technology is promising because it’s not made from steel, which is the main ingredient in window coating.

As a result, it is anticipated that these materials will become more widely available in the coming years,” the press releases said.