A cracked window on a horse trailers awner will cost the manufacturer $400,000 and may require a new trailer, experts say.

The window repair tape is used to protect the window in the case of a broken window, but the repair tape doesn’t stay on the window.

A new trailer would cost around $2,500.

A horse trailer may also be required to replace an existing trailer, but it’s much less expensive than replacing the trailer, said Andrew Kahler, senior vice president of marketing for Kohler.

“You can save $400,” Kahler said.

“It will probably be a lot more than $2k.”

The repair tape could also be used to repair a cracked glass door, but Kahler says it’s best to replace the door with a new one to prevent it from cracking, because a cracked door can open and damage the door frame.

“We recommend that if you’re going to install a trailer on a trailer, that you use the repair kit and use the trailer as a replacement for the trailer,” Kahlers said.

Kahler suggested people take the time to check with the manufacturer for more information on the repair.

The new trailer is likely to cost about $1,500, according to a Kohler statement.

“Our goal with this trailer is to give the customer the choice,” Kahlich said.