Custom awning is a very cool way to decorate your home.

You can add your own colour and pattern to the outside of your home, or you can even add a canopy, canopy window or canopy door.

We’ve covered some of the different options here on and we’ve even got a handy tutorial to help you get started.

But what if you want something more in-depth?

We have a few options for you to explore, but we thought we’d start with the one that has been a favourite of our readers, the Awnings on Wheels.

The Awning on Wheels DIY project The most basic DIY awnement project is pretty simple, but the possibilities are endless.

With a few simple tools you can create a canopy and canopy window for your balcony, or add your favourite design to the inside of the roof.

You’ll need some duct tape and a bit of glue to attach your canopy to the roof, but you’ll also need to make sure the outside is closed so no wind can get in.

Once you’ve nailed down the details, it’s time to start building.

This DIY airdromedry project will allow you to add a lot of different options to your existing awnements.

Start with duct tape.

You might want to cut the tape to make it flexible enough to be able to move around, but once you’ve got your fabric taped together you’ll need to find a suitable adhesive.

You’ll need a bit more glue to secure the duct tape to the fabric, but with a bit care you should be able do it.

Next, cut the fabric to the desired length.

You should be left with a rectangle with a slit at the top for the window to be attached to.

Make sure the fabric is not too long to allow the duct to be fastened.

After you’ve cut the slit to the length, tape it.

You don’t want to have to cut a hole in the fabric and re-tape it, but rather a small strip of duct tape will allow the fabric flexibility and allow the hole to be filled in without the need for extra fabric tape. 

Once you have your duct tape cut, tape a second strip of tape.

This will be attached at the bottom of the window, and be cut along the slit in the duct. 

Then, take a piece of ducted fabric and glue it to the slit of the duct, using a little bit of adhesive to make the cut. 

This will give you a nice secure, flexible and flexible-looking roof.

Finally, tape your roof shut.

You won’t have to go all out, but a good rule of thumb is to tape it shut around the outside, and to seal the opening of the slit you’ll be making with ducted tape.

This is where you’ll put your decorative fabric and tape.

Make your own fabric and fabric tape, using your favourite colours.

You may need to change the colour of your fabric slightly if it’s going to look different in the end.

We suggest you use a clear, matte fabric for your fabric, to allow for a more ‘modern’ feel to your roof.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll have your own decorative awnments.

Now, you can put your canopy and window in place with some glue, and you can add more fabric to fill in the slit with duct taped fabric.

Then, you could also attach the canopy to your balcony with duct tied fabric and then add the windows back onto the roof with ducts. 

The Awe-inspiring finished product If you’ve ever built a canopy from a duct tape, you know how satisfying it can be to get a view of your finished roof.

That’s why you want to build something similar to this DIY aldromedery project.

For this project you’ll start with a small piece of fabric and duct tape for your canopy, and then make up the rest of the fabric yourself.

This is what you’ll use to tie the curtains down around your window.

To finish off your awnment, you will add more duct tape at the edges of your window to create a very elegant roof.

If you have a window on your balcony you’ll want to add your curtains too.

Once all your aldrome windows are finished, use duct tape around the edges to seal them shut and to make your canopy look even more dramatic.