The story behind the story:  There’s a simple way to turn your porch awners into wood patio doors.

You’ll want to find an outdoor shed and get your patio doors on.

Cut your shed to about 2′ x 2′ and then lay down the shed.

You may need to cut off a section of your shed, too.

Now, cut two long strips of 2’x2′ plywood to about 1.5’x1.5′.

Then cut a hole in each strip.

Make sure that the hole is big enough to go through your porch roof.

Next, cut a notch at each end of the two strips of plywood and attach it to the end of a wooden dowel.

Cut the dowel and attach the dowels end to the edge of the porch door.

Finally, attach the end to each of the long strips and fasten them with duct tape.

When you’ve attached all of the doweling, make sure that you have a sturdy piece of wood on your left and right.

Now that you’ve got your awned porch doors, you can turn your front porch into a patio.

The porch door is the part of your porch that will remain open.

It will need to be sturdy and flexible enough to allow you to turn the front porch from its normal position.

I like to lay down a 2’×2′ sheet of ply wood.

This gives me a long enough surface area to support the plywood so that the porch can turn from its regular position to the right.

I cut the sheet of 1/2″ thick plywood.

I also cut a 2-inch hole for the doweled dowel, and then fastened the dowelling end to that hole with duct-tape.

This makes the porch turn smoothly.

I then attach the other dowel to the back of the door, and fastened it with ducttape to the other side of the front door.

Next, attach your patio door to the outside of the shed and use the two dowels to secure the door.

Now that you’re done, make your patio patio doors out of 2x2x2 boards.

Here’s the finished patio door.

You can use any size patio door for your patio.

You might want to cut the door in half so that you can attach one end to a tree, then the other end to your porch, and so on.

You can use wood pallets to make patio doors for your garage or backyard.

I prefer plywood patio doors because they are easy to install, but they’re also very flexible.

You could use 1″x1″ pallets for the garage doors, or you could use 2×4″ pallet doors for the backyard patio.

How to Create Porch avers: You’ll need to buy some lumber for your avers.

You should also buy some nails for your doors and windows.

You also will need a patio door hanger.

You will also need a nail gun.

You need to have a hole for your door hinges and the hinges of the patio doors to fit through.

You won’t need hinges in the front doors because the door hinges are inside the porch.

I like to use 2 x 2 x 1″ nails for the doors, and 4 x 4 x 2 nails for patio doors, so that I can use my nails for both doors.

The patio doors I like for my garage and backyard are made of plywoods, and I like the way they hold up and look like they’ve been cut in half.

If you make your aVERS from wood pallet or plywood, you will need one or more hinges.

I recommend using wood hinges because they make the door look like it’s sitting on the hinge.

The hinges are attached to the plywoods by two dowel dowels.

I have two doweled hinges in my garage doors.

The hinge is attached to a 4 x 8 x 3″ dowel by four dowel nails.

The dowel nail is attached with a 3/4″ dowle and attached to two dowle nails.

I attached the hinges to the door by attaching them to the hinges with duct tapes.

There are two different ways to do it.

You either need to put a piece of plyboard over the hinges and use it to attach the hinges.

Or you can use a piece that’s cut to size to attach two dowelled hinges to a 2 x 4×2 piece of lumber.

I used a 4-inch piece of 1x4x2 lumber to attach hinges to my front doors.

I taped the hinge to the porch, then taped the dowle to the dowler nails.

When I attach the hinge, I also attach the doors to the gate with a piece with 3/8″ dowels and a 3-inch dowle. I attach