The U.N. agency says there are 1,734,000 solar panels in the United States today.

The Energy Department says that number is just a drop in the bucket of the 1.6 billion solar installations currently being installed worldwide.

But even with those numbers, the total installed capacity of solar power in the U, according to the U., is still very small.

The U has installed more than 2,000 gigawatts of solar capacity.

But the country still needs to install enough solar panels to power 1.3 million homes, according the report.

This is a drop from the 682 gigawatts that the country was able to install in 2013, according, and the 1,958 gigawatts it was able with the same year.

But this year, the agency says, the number of panels installed has gone up to 1,869 gigawatts, making the U the largest solar power market in the world.

The report also says that the U has been “significantly expanding” the capacity of its solar farms in recent years, but it said that it was still not enough to meet demand.

Solar power can be installed on rooftops and in utility poles, but the solar panels must be in line with the height of the roof.

The solar panel array is designed to provide solar energy to the grid, which will then be distributed to homes and businesses.

This can be achieved through a variety of methods.

The Department of Defense has been working on solar arrays for decades, and has a $1.8 billion contract with the Pentagon.

The DOE said that the military has “continued to deploy new technologies to provide critical, reliable and cost-effective grid power to U.s military and homeland defense operations.”

The report notes that the Department of Justice has also been installing solar panels on rooftop roofs.