Costco awnings are the most common and cost effective way to replace a damaged awned roof.

But if you’ve been in a similar situation and need a little help, we have you covered.

Here are the tips and tricks for the repair.

First, get a good angle on the roof.

This will help determine if you need a different angle.

Second, measure the height of the roof from the top.

This is the area that is most likely to be exposed to the elements.

For example, if you live in the suburbs, you probably won’t have access to an outside roof.

Third, use the manufacturer’s instructions to make a small hole in the roof where you will insert a small piece of tape.

This will help prevent any damage from falling into the hole and making it harder to repair the roof without a second layer.

Fourth, replace the tape, which is usually easy.

If the tape is not removed and the awns remain in place, the roof will not have any protection.

The manufacturer will then put the roof back together.

Once the roof is back in place and you have a clear view of the a-word, you’re good to go.

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