A giant rhino horned tent is the perfect canvas for a romantic sunset.

A giant rhinoceros horned wallaby tent is perfect for a relaxing afternoon in the park.

The Rhino Horn Awning is a $150 tent that lets you hang out and enjoy the view, but is also ideal for an afternoon of sunsets.

You can purchase one online for $25, or buy a large tent for $100.

You can also buy a tent or two and a stand up pole for $60.

The tent itself weighs around 6,500kg, but it can be easily modified.

You could also put a picnic table in it, and make a fire.

You could also use it for camping, and take your pets on hikes, the Awnings website says.

The Awners website says the tent comes with a fire-pit and an electrical system to power the tent, and has a retractable roof.

The giant rhinos horn tent is made from an aluminium alloy and weighs around six times as much as the previous largest rhinoco horned tents.

The idea is to make the tent more accessible for people who have difficulty climbing trees and finding places to set up.

The rhinos are endangered in Australia, and the population has plummeted in recent years due to poaching and habitat loss.

The company that makes the tents has also been criticised for the tent’s design.

The Giant Rhino Awnery website says it started making the tent in 2009, and says the company’s CEO has been in the field for 10 years.

But the company is facing mounting criticism for the designs.

The Australian Wildlife Foundation said in a statement it was concerned about the impact the tents had on the environment and wildlife.

“The tents are being made for a very limited market, with the potential to harm wildlife and habitat by introducing new, unpredictable forms of fire,” it said.

“In a national park, this would have significant environmental impacts, with impacts on wildlife and the surrounding ecosystems.”

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