By Nick VadonThe United States Coast Guard has been looking for a way to replace its old cargo trailers with new ones, and they’ve been searching the internet for ways to get them to work.

One of the solutions is to use old tires on old tires.

The idea was to put them in a new trailer, and then take them out to work, where they could be replaced with new tires.

But the tires are not quite what the Coast Guard needs.

The Coast Guard says the tires on these trailers are not the kind that are expected to last for years.

They are designed for trucks.

That means they don’t last much longer than a few months.

So the Coast Force is looking for some new tires that will last even longer.

“We’re really looking for tires that are not going to break,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Mark Haines.

A truck tire is designed to last 20, 30, 40, 50 years.

So to have tires that have the longevity of the old tires, that we know will last more than that, is a very good thing,” said Hainis.

The old tires would be removed, the new tires would come in, and the old trailer would be put back together.

It’s a way of getting a new truck tire off a trailer that’s going to be used in a year or two.

Haines said the old trailers are also made for cargo ships, but they can be used for other types of cargo ships.

It sounds like they could even be used to haul people and goods.”

If you want to go to the border to pick up a package, you can put it in a trailer, put it on a boat, and you’ll have it for a year, a month, or a week,” said Sgt. 1st Class Daniel E. O’Connell.

The new tires, however, are not expected to be ready for use for a while.

So they’re getting them into a warehouse, where the Coast Guards will install them in the trailers, and eventually the trucks will be ready to go.