It’s an old-school, industrial-strength retractable panel that can be hung from the wall to make it easy to mount a TV or computer monitor, a lamp or a fan.

However, the retractable panels have been getting a lot of love over the last few years, thanks in part to the popularity of the new Samsung SmartThings smart home platform.

This is a huge step forward in design and technology for the SmartThings ecosystem.

The Samsung Smartthings platform is currently available to developers and home buyers and will be open to anyone with a compatible smart home hub.

In addition to the retracting panels, Samsung also announced the introduction of its SmartThings Smart Bridge, which is an expansion of the retractability technology in the retractables.

This new product will let developers build simple, flexible smart homes with simple and powerful design that are also lightweight.

You’ll see this in action in the upcoming SmartThings Midsize Hub, which will make use of the Samsung SmartBridge technology to extend the functionality of existing homes.

While the retractible panels are easy to install, they don’t always feel as secure as the standard retractable screen panels.

To solve this, Samsung is adding a “suspend” feature that will prevent the panels from moving when they’re on the wall.

Samsung says the suspend feature can be used in conjunction with the SmartBridge product to extend your existing smart home with new capabilities.

For example, you can add a TV remote to a smart home and then use the suspend option to move the TV and remote to the edge of your room.

Samsung is also releasing a new app that will let you monitor and control your SmartThings hubs remotely.

In the new app, you’ll be able to remotely control your connected smart home devices using an app or browser, or connect to your hub with an existing app.

You can also set up SmartThings alerts to alert you when your home is in the process of getting serviced, or you can use the app to schedule maintenance for your home.

The new SmartBridge will be available in the Samsung Midsized Hub, Samsung SmartHome Hub, Smart Bridge and the Smart Bridge Smart Waller.

The Smart Bridge smart waller will be made available to consumers starting in January.

Samsung has also released a new set of Samsung Smart Connect Home Connect and Smart Home Connect Smart Wallers that allow for easier and faster access to connected home devices, including smart lights, TVs, remote controls, printers and more.

Samsung also unveiled a new Smart Home Access app that allows you to access the Smart Home app and watch live streaming video and audio, as well as connect to a Smart Home device remotely through the Smart Hub app or a Smart Bridge app.