What to do before the weather gets cold and rainy?

Read More to find the best roofing for your home, and the answer is simple: buy it. 

“If you can’t find the right type of roofing, buy one that’s a bit higher and a bit more forgiving,” said Matt Breslau, owner of Breslier Roofing. 

The roofing that works for your house depends on how the building is designed, he added.

“For the smaller homes, it might be the same material, and it might look like a roofing slab, or maybe it might not have that much of a slope,” he said. 

If you’re looking for the best value, buy a roof that has a steep slope, he said, and that allows for some ventilation. 

Breslauer Roofing recommends buying a roof with a steep rise, which is the opposite of a “flat roof,” as the roof is usually not designed to be flat, but rather is designed to support the weight of the building and to allow for the movement of the roof in the wind.

“We’ve found that the slope of the new roof, it tends to provide more vertical support than what you would get with a flat roof,” he explained. 

Another good tip is to get a roof which has a “flattened” appearance.

“Flattened roofs, as opposed to ‘flat’ roofs, are designed to make the roof less likely to cave in,” he added, noting that if the roof does cave in, it will allow the building to withstand a stronger storm surge. 

However, Bresler Roofing advises that you don’t need to buy a flat, flat roof just to protect your home from a storm.

“The roof is designed with a specific purpose in mind,” he wrote in an email. 

As for the new home, Brelauer said the main concern for the homeowner should be weather and not the roof, which should be installed when the roof begins to fail, which will happen if the weather isn’t right. 

So if the wind blows from the south, it could create a ridge that will take the roof off the building. 

When the weather is calm, Bretlauer recommends the homeowner put a curtain rod or curtain-free barrier around the roof to keep it from moving. 

Also, if the ceiling is too low, he recommends installing a window or two, which would be ideal if you have to leave the house in the morning. 

In the event of a storm, Bretslauer recommended that you do what the architects of the world do and keep your windows closed.

“If there’s a storm and you’re not using the windows to see outside, then it’s really important that you stay inside,” he advised.