The Walsalston train station, on the outskirts of Walsale, is one of the oldest stations in the UK, and was originally the home of the locomotive which powered the Underground.

But the original buildings have been boarded up for decades. 

The station was built in 1892 and opened in 1910. 

In 2012, the station reopened as a caravan park, and in February this year it reopened as an open air camping site, with a tent park as well as a small car park and the nearby bus stop. 

It is one in a number of converted railway stations that have been converted into caravan parks, with others in the county. 

“The train station has been derelict for some time, but we had a lot of great ideas to try and restore it,” said Ben O’Connor, from Walsingham council. 

He said it would take two or three years to get the remaining parts of the station up to code. 

Mr O’Brien said the park would provide a new setting for the locals to relax and get away from it all, which was a positive for the area.

“It’s not like the old days, you could still go into the woods and camp in a tent,” he said.

“And then you could go out and walk the paths, so that’s a lot better.” 

The project will also be a new start for the local community, as the park will include a playground, playground facilities and bike paths, which are expected to attract families and young people alike. 

Local community groups will be involved in the project, and will be responsible for the building of the park and making sure the land is properly managed, as well working with the local authorities to ensure the site is maintained for the long term. 

Walsingham councillor Peter Smith said the community wanted to get on with the restoration of the site. 

If you would like to donate to the restoration project, click here.