Wood patio aversa, a portable anwning that can be used to build an outdoor patio, is one of the first designs to feature a portable wood frame.

It features a built-in shelf that allows the wood to sit on top of the surface, with an interior that can fit in a pocket or backpack.

The idea for the portable aversar came from the design team at Pico Architects.

Pico’s designer, Matt Houlahan, designed the portable patio, and the team is currently working on the portable design.

He says that the portable is a result of the need to expand the range of sizes that you can build an indoor patio.

He explained that while he was looking for a portable design for the design studio, he saw that the market was becoming more diverse.

“The concept of the portable was something that really struck me in the studio as something that I really wanted to make happen,” he said.

“So I think that it kind of really appealed to the team to do something really unique that I think we really wanted,” said Houlahan.

“It’s a really cool idea, it’s really exciting, and I think the market is really looking to take advantage of it.”

“A lot of times the designs are just sort of built for the home and they just haven’t had the opportunity to really have a really fun outdoor experience.

So that really helped us to really think about this as an outdoor project.”

For Houlahn, this portable aversar was a chance to make a splash with his clients, and he’s not the only one who was inspired to take on the project.

The design team is now working on a design for a second portable aversea that will also be used for a larger outdoor patio.

“We’re definitely excited to be working on something like this, and we think it’s going to be a really exciting project for our team,” said Pico architects.