Awnings are now being repaired, not dismantled, and they’re becoming a fixture in many homes in Sydney.

Awnings repair shops are set to close.

Photo: ABC NewsAwning News Awnery owner, Paul Renton, says he’s not worried about the jobs being lost to online bidding, but he’s concerned about the loss of a popular, local service.

“It’s just so much cheaper to get a new one than to put a new roof up,” he said.

“You have to take the old roof off, that’s what it is.”

I’d like to see some of the houses get them fixed before they go out of business.

“Awnery RepairShop owners say they’re getting a lot of calls from people asking about the roof, and want the business to remain open.”

We’ve been inundated with people asking if they can get the roof fixed and we just said, ‘yeah’,” Mr Renton said.”[It’s] just so sad, it’s a really important part of our community.

“He says he understands that some of his customers might not want to go through the trouble, but they should know it’s not always possible to fix a broken roof.”

Awns are a fantastic piece of furniture.

I’d like them to stay in business and stay on the market,” he says.”

And we know that it’s really difficult to get them back in business, so we want to be part of that solution.

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