MULTIPLE ROOFTOPS WERE BUILT TO STOP MIGRANTS FROM TARGETING ROOF COVERING IN DOUBLE ROOFS ARTICLE Awning material has been found in the body of a migrant worker found on a farm in Germany.

Authorities say the man was found in a farmhouse covered in sheets of awners.

Authorities have not yet identified the migrant worker.

Authorities found the man’s body near a farm house in Bavaria.

The farmhouse is owned by a company called “Hoeppner”, and the farmhouse has been used by migrants and asylum seekers in the past.

“The migrant was a member of the migrant-house family and lived in the migrant house,” police said in a statement.

“His body was found close to the migrant family.”

A total of six mops were found near the farm house.

Authorities suspect that the migrant had been beaten to death with mops.

Police are still investigating the death of the man.

The migrant was found wearing a dark, black T-shirt, dark jeans and dark boots.

He had been seen leaving the migrant farmhouse earlier in the day.

Authorities are also looking into the possibility that the mops may have been used to beat the migrant.

Authorities in Bavarian state are conducting an investigation into the migrant’s death.