Aero-shaped doors are a popular way to improve the look of your home, especially if you’re looking to give your living space a modern twist.

Awnings, on the other hand, can look just as cool and practical.

They’re also very versatile, especially for use in a kitchen, which can make them a great accent on any interior space.

But how do you get your own metal door into your home?

Here are the most basic ways to do it. 1.

Use a metal strip to make the door frame 2.

Wrap a sheet of aluminum foil around the perimeter of your door frame and then glue the door onto the foil.


Use wood glue to attach your door to your frame.


Cut the door pieces from the foil and glue them onto the aluminum foil.


Cut out your door panels.


Using a knife, cut out your aluminum door panels and then hang them on the aluminum panel.


Cut your metal panel pieces from your foil and then attach them to your door frames.


Use glue to secure your door panel pieces to the aluminum panels.


Use an adhesive to attach the aluminum door panel panels to your aluminum frame.


Cut off the edges of your aluminum panel to create a raised door panel.


Hang your door with a metal door, and use it as a window.