In January, a Republican-backed ad campaign aimed at countering President Donald Trump’s agenda hit a wall, prompting a $1 million campaign by a pro-Trump super PAC to begin airing on cable networks.

That ad campaign quickly imploded after it was discovered that Trump-financed ads were also being used to target Hispanic voters, the Center for Public Integrity reported in July.

A series of ad buys, including a $250,000 buy of the Trump-backed TV spot “Drain the Swamp,” led to the company dropping its $2.5 million ad campaign for the first quarter of 2018.

A separate $300,000 ad campaign was also pulled from air after a Democratic-aligned super PAC raised concerns about its accuracy.

Trump, for his part, blamed the ad buy failures on the DNC and his own political adversaries.

“You have a rigged system,” Trump told The New York Times in July, referring to the DNC.

“I mean, you have so many, so many people in the DNC who are rigging the system.

They have a lot of money, but the system’s rigged.”

Trump has also claimed the ad buys were orchestrated by the DNC, though he has yet to name the individual responsible.

The DNC, meanwhile, denied the allegation, saying in a statement to Fox News that it “takes its role in supporting candidates and issues very seriously, and is constantly looking to improve the quality of our campaign advertising.”