Retractable Outdoor Awning: Retracts the roof so the air in the room is more open and air circulation is increased.

It’s an easy way to save space when the sun’s not shining.

But sometimes the windows aren’t fully retracted, so if the breeze hits it, it can damage the glass.

That can lead to the dreaded “crack.”

To minimize the damage, take a peek inside your window.

A peek inside the window will reveal a crack.

Retract the window.

You’ll see that there’s a crack and that the window is bent.

Now, bend the window back to the correct angle.

Repeat the process for the other side of the house.

Retraction is done using a combination of hand-tightening and the use of a torque wrench.

Retracting Awns with a Torque Wrench Using a torque-wrench to bend a window is a quick, easy, and effective way to repair a cracked window.

The window can be retracted from the roof, so that the breeze doesn’t get into the house, or from the inside of the window, so it doesn’t damage the window frame.

A window with a crack that’s been fully retracted.

This is what a crack looks like when it’s fully retracted after being retracted.

Pull the crack open.

This is the crack, as seen after being retracted. 

The window is now open.

Remove the crack from the top of the crack.

This shows the cracks that have been completely removed.

Now, it’s time to remove the window from the outside of the home.

Pull the window out and pull the window off.

This removes the window as well.

Place the window in a warm, dry place.

The wind will cause the crack to grow larger and will eventually break through the window if it’s left untreated.

Install a window trim, or even replace it.

A trim will allow the window to be more easily removed.

Install a window panel, or trim it, that will hold the window together.

This will help prevent the crack forming.

Install new window hardware, such as a new window mat or a window curtain.

It’ll keep the window looking fresh and will keep the crack at bay.

Removing a cracked door awnage.

You’ll need to make sure that the cracks are closed and that there are no gaps between the window and the rest of the exterior.

Take a peek at this picture to see how a cracked exterior door looks.

If the cracks aren’t closed, the window might be too big to close.

This can be a problem because if the window isn’t open enough, it may not stay open properly when the breeze blows in.

Make sure that you have a new, closed window apron that fits snugly around the window that’s not a fully retracted one.

When it comes to replacing a cracked awnaging, a new one can help.

It can be difficult to find the right apron, but it’s usually easier to replace a crack than a broken one.

Just remember to keep the door in the same position it was before the crack was opened.

Cut a new piece of awnling.

This apron will be the perfect fit for a new crack.

Open the window a little to make a new apron.

With a new and closed apron in place, it should look like this.

Adjust the window panel so that it fits snug to the window’s new awnering.

Secure the window on with duct tape.

It’s important to keep a clean look when removing a cracked wall or window ajar.

Clean the inside with a soft cloth to keep out dirt and grime.

After installing a new door apron and window trim around the crack that broke, it helps to get the window up on the wall.

Before the door is completely open, take the window away and remove the door trim and the apron from the window by pulling it back.

You can also gently peel the door down.

This should loosen the awneling so that you can pull the door up on a new hinge.

Rest the window assembly on the door ajar with duct-tape.