Electric rv and mobile home awynings are now coming to the home with new designs and functionality.

The companies have been testing a new version of the roofing technology that includes solar panels and the ability to add awners and more panels to the roof.

The new version, dubbed Nuimage awyning, is the first roofing system that has a roofing base.

Nuimage Awning is powered by solar energy and it can have solar panels installed on it to provide extra insulation and help reduce wind speed.

The roof also provides shade and shade control.

The Nuimage roofing platform will be available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The company says it will sell the Nuimage product in the U.S. in 2020.

“The Nuimage platform will enable homeowners to deliver a high quality roof that is also very energy efficient,” Nuimage CEO Jim Ritchie said in a statement.

“With the new Nuimage products, homeowners can also get solar PV panels on the roof of their home.”

Nuimage is a solar energy provider that provides roofing for homes.

The electric company said the new product is based on Nuimage’s existing rooftop roofing product, the Nuwave Awners.

The design is based off of a design that was built in 2015, when Nuwave launched a new solar-powered roofing design.

It also has a “new” solar-electric roofing unit that is powered through solar energy.

Nuwave has been building solar-power roofs for the past five years.

NuWave was the first to use solar energy in its solar-based roofing products.

The system has been widely criticized for its lack of insulation and durability.

The solar panels are also not very efficient.

In 2016, a panel failure in one of the NuWave roofs resulted in the roof’s roof panels overheating and requiring repairs.

“Nuwave has made solar energy a top priority for its solar power roofing units since the inception of Nuwave’s solar technology,” Nuwave CEO Mike Jablonski said in 2016.

“In 2017, we made the NuVision Awner a solar powered roofing offering that was designed specifically to provide high quality solar power on roofs.”

Nuwave said it would launch the Nuvision roofing awner with the Nutechnology roofing panel system next year.

Nuvision and Nuwave declined to discuss pricing or the future of the Solar Awnings product.

“We have not made any further announcements about pricing for Nuvision or NuWave Solar Aids,” the companies said in their statement.

In the meantime, the companies have plans to build more solar panels on their roofing roofs.

“After years of research and development, Nuwave and Nuvision Awnables are finally ready to go solar,” Nuvision CEO Mike Ritchie wrote in a blog post in May.

“I know you will be too, my customers.

It’s been a long road to bring you a new generation of solar panels that will last for decades to come.”