Aleko is a small company in Slovenia.

It was founded by two engineers in 2011, and the two had an idea to create a lightweight, air-tight, and flexible fabric that can be used for various purposes, including awners, umbrellas, and roof racks.

The team started working on the idea in 2015, when they received a call from a client.

The client wanted to use the fabrics to create an outdoor seating area, and they wanted it to be large enough to be easily folded, but also to be easy to assemble and transport.

The design was simple: the fabric was woven into a continuous loop, with one side at the bottom and one side above.

The fabric was then sewn on top of a foamboard, and then the fabric folded and sewn into a simple mesh pattern, which was folded up and placed on the ground.

After about a year, Aleko had designed a prototype.

In 2018, Alecko announced a version of the design that they called the Aleko Aloe.

They also released a limited edition Aleko Air fabric in 2018.

They had also created a version called the Aloe with two loops on one side, a second loop on the other side, and a third loop at the end.

After the success of the Alekeo Air, they continued work on the new fabric.

The new fabric was finally released in September 2019.

Aleko said they received many requests from customers for the fabric to be used in outdoor seating, so they had to make some changes.

For one thing, they added a zipper at the top.

The zipper is now attached with a spring, and when it comes off, the fabric can be pulled down and used to wrap up a seat.

The other changes are the fabric’s thickness, which is now 25 percent more elastic than before, and it’s made from 50 percent more fibres.

The Aloe is now available in three colors: olive, brown, and black.

Alecko says the new version has been tested by thousands of people in the United States and has proven to be very comfortable, especially for people who are taller and heavier than usual.

The company also has another product they’re working on that they say is similar to the Alekko Ale, but it’s a bit more expensive: the Alox.

It’s a much cheaper version of their Aloe that uses a fabric made of recycled cotton.

“The Alox is a lightweight and air-repellent fabric that is designed to be lightweight and light-weight in a way that is comparable to a fabric that would be used to make a seat,” Aleko CEO Jan Manko told Ars.

“It’s very easy to make, and we have many users who have already made prototypes for use in their outdoor seating spaces.”

The Alox will be available in two sizes, a regular size and a long-lasting size.

The longer-lasting version of this fabric is currently being tested in a lab, and will be released in 2019.