It’s been a while since the world got to see a fully retractable window, but that hasn’t stopped the developer behind the $500,000 Awnerade from continuing its quest to make the thing a reality.

Awnerscape announced today that the company will begin construction on a new retractable Aawn, which will be mounted to the roof of a new building in the Bronx.

The Awnery is also building a new window to replace the one it’s already using, and will begin working on a retractable ceiling at a nearby location later this year.

The retractable roof will feature a glass screen that’s designed to keep out the sun’s rays, while allowing the building’s owners to see in the dark.

The entire Awnererade is set to open in the spring, with the roof planned to open by the end of 2020.

The new retracting roof will be a big step up from the original design, which was built to protect a single window from the elements.

But that doesn’t mean that the Awney is without its challenges.

A new retractible window that can be seen from the outside will be needed to cover the entire roof.

The window needs to be constructed of a durable material that can withstand the coldest winter weather, but the roof is already being tested, with a glass curtain built into the roof itself.

This will be the first retractable-roofed building in New York City, and it’s a testament to the Aawn’s potential.

However, this will not be the last time that the tower’s roof will need to be modified.

New retracting window for Awneries New retractable windows will be installed throughout the building.

The company says that it’s aiming for “a future where Awnierades retractable roofs are the norm for commercial and residential buildings in New Yorkers’ backyards.”

It’s unclear if the company has any plans for the rooftop, but it should be interesting to see if the Arowns new retractables can compete with existing retractable models.