Business Insider/Matt Krempele/Getty ImagesWhat you need: You’ll need to cut a piece of plywood about 1/2 inch wide to fit the opening.

You also’ll need a piece with a handle, like a knife.

Cut out the opening, which you can see on the left.

Take the handle and lay it on the plywood.

Then, carefully place the open part of the ply wood over the edge of the open piece.

The two will align nicely.

Now, drill two holes on each side.

If you have a small patio, you might not need two holes.

Use the drill bit to drill two shallow holes, then cut a notch into the side.

(You’ll know the notch is there because it looks like a little hole with a small triangle at the end.

That’s the notch for the inside.)

If not, you can use a regular 1/8-inch-wide hole saw to drill a hole through the ply and into the opening with the handle, or you can cut a small 1/4-inch hole.

As you can probably tell, the holes will be wider than the opening itself, so you’ll need an extension cord to tie the ply to the opening in the patio door.

The door will also have to be long enough to hold the open door in place.

Put the door on the patio and then pull the door out, making sure the hole in the opening doesn’t interfere with the door.

Place the ply in the holes and drill the two holes in the door opening.

The holes are now two 1/16-inch holes.

You can put the door up and then back down again.

If you don’t have a long enough door, you may have to cut out the openings and cut a hole in your plywood, but the door should be secure enough to walk through.

You’ll need at least a quarter-inch of ply for each door.

The ply will fit snugly in the hole.

The holes should look like this.

When you’re done, use a screwdriver to drill the holes in place, which should look something like this:When you’ve finished drilling the holes, you’ll see a piece cut from the ply.

Once the ply is installed, put the ply up and take a moment to admire the new door. 

The new patio door looks great!