Costco’s new retractable, foldable roof, which it claims will cost less than $3,000, is being tested by local businesses and government agencies, according to a local news outlet.

Costco has been testing the roof since last month.

In the past, the company has tested the roof with other customers and found it to be very durable.

In fact, the new roof is rated as “most durable” in its rating by the National Building Industry Association, which certifies roof designs and features.

A Costco spokeswoman told CNNMoney that the company will make more announcements on its retractable rooftop in the coming weeks.

The company has also made a number of announcements on the roof, including the ability to fold the roof up for easy storage.

But this is the first time that Costco will make a retractable Roof.

The roof is made out of aluminum and is made to fold down into its base, which is attached to the side of the building by a pair of elastic straps.

It is expected to cost about $3.5 million to make, according the company.

The retractable structure will also be used for emergency lighting and for the exterior of the restaurant, according Costco.

The brand has been working on a retracting roof for a few years, according a report from CNNMoney.

The first retractable retractable product, the “Gullwing,” is made by the company’s roofing division, but it did not see wide adoption.

Costcos retractable roofs were a novelty, but the company is looking for a more traditional design.

The new retractables will allow for greater flexibility for the building and the ability for the roof to be folded for storage and maintenance.

This new retracting model, however, is not expected to be as durable or as durable as the more traditional retractables.

For now, the retractable model is the only retractable option for restaurants.

CostCo is also testing the foldable retractables, which will cost about the same price, as well.

The foldable Roof is expected in the future for stores, bars, malls and other businesses, according CNNMoney, but is still a few months away.

The National Building Association also says that the retractables are likely to be a significant cost-saving tool for the industry, as it will reduce the need for expensive roofing products.

The cost of the retracting Roof could also drop by about $1,000 per roof, CNNMoney said.